Talent Analytics

A one-stop look at all your company’s talent data.

Analyze, measure and predict the impact of your talent strategy.

Make data-driven decisions throughout the entire talent lifecycle of your candidates and employees.

Data and its outputs are transforming the way we attract, develop and manage our workforce.

At a time when the war for talent is heating up, attracting the best candidates, developing and retaining our company’s key talent, and building a sustainable high-performance culture remain critical challenges for companies across industries and geographies.

Panorama is able to unify internal, external and contingent talent data to provide actionable insights for critical talent decisions.

All the information you need to make decisions

The disruption that has occurred in companies around the world due to the pandemic will continue throughout 2021.

As employees and companies adapt to this change, HR teams must rethink their workforce strategy processes.

To better understand the challenges faced by HR managers, it is necessary to recognize the importance of developing a people-centric approach driven by an understanding of the data they leave in each company as candidates and employees.

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Workforce Planning

One of the most important challenges for a company is to design its workforce planning.

This requires the ability to predict future talent needs and identify which roles within a company are on the path to helping us.

And, of course, designing supports to help us attract external talent when we can’t find it within.

Predictive Analytics


We help companies of all sizes to generate a robust and practical view of their candidate and employee data through the generation and automation of advanced analytical models and their conversion into tailored solutions and relevant talent insights.


Data integration

Your company talent data at a glance

Panorama collects and integrates data from multiple sources.

From this, it builds a coherent picture and makes it available to human resources.

That data makes up the necessary intelligence a company needs to make decisions around its workforce.

And it’s closer than ever.


Triggers and automations

Not all decisions around our operations need to be considered by a human.

That’s why Panorama can automate many actions —from inviting people to training programmes to identifying hidden talent— so that HR doesn’t need to keep an eye on every indicator of their workforce at all times.

smart groups

An answer to every question

A platform like Panorama can show its intelligence when it is able to respond to the demands we place on it.

So we can answer questions about mobility, skills, training or knowledge of the workforce and, more importantly, if there is no data to answer, design a journey to help us get it.

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