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Scout emerges as a flexible solution that simplifies your management models, maps your talent and automates your processes, freeing you from traditional limitations.

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What really reinforces your employee engagement?

It allows you to know which motivations are important for each person and which are less important.

  • 5 dimensions.
  • 15 specific motivations.
  • Culture Fit Map and Prioritization Four Box of employees.


How to identify and promote your hidden talents?

Analyze how any professional in your company will tend to behave.

  • 21 universal skills.
  • Adaptive, select only the skills of interest, depending on the process or professional profile you wish to evaluate.
  • Strengths and areas for improvement of professionals with a specific level.
  • Automatic reports.


How do personalities affect teamwork?

Evaluate the main traits that define the personality of each person.

  • Based on the MBTI theoretical model.
  • It provides an extra value of knowledge about the individual: qualities, traits and psychic characteristics.
  • The test identifies the emotional and attitudinal side that predominates in each individual.


Do you know the pulse of well-being in your organization?

Detects the global index of well-being that each person feels based on various work factors.

  • 7 dimensions.
  • 14 labor variables.
  • Wellness Index: global score (workplace well-being).
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