Talent Acquisition

The right talent for your company is one click away

Screen faster, make better decisions and streamline your recruitment process

Every company is in need of top talent and increased diversity.

Achieving this starts with offering a compelling and seamless candidate experience.

Panorama offers an intelligent solution that works on screening the best through scientific tools and ranking them for selection teams.

Taking care of experience, which is a core component of your employer brand and the most important asset an organisation can offer at this point.


Employer Branding

Through our partnership with Glassdoor and Indeed, you can better understand how your organisation is perceived in the talent market.

Adjust and work on your EVP and generate a differential positioning to attract talent.

From Panorama, you can access all the data that allows you to assess how your employer brand is doing.

Candidate Experience

The value of a positive candidate experience is priceless.

Especially if we think of it the other way around; how a bad experience impacts a company’s reputation as an employer.

For this reason, we need to be sure every person who comes into contact with each one of our clients has an experience worth sharing.

And more, than any of those clientes is having also a rewarding experience too.

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Candidate Experience

A huge array of
assessment tools

You have at your disposal an endless library of tests that will allow you to generate a unique experience and rank the talent you attract from best to worst.

Assess knowledge, competencies or technical skills and make decisions based on the results.

Data-Driven decisions


Measure as much as necessary and choose the formula that best suits your needs to establish the selection criteria.

Automate communication with the best candidates and don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep your recruitment process running smoothly.

Mobile First

A distinctive

In today’s world, experience is everything for candidates.

That’s why we design all our tools and information pages mobile-first.

The process should not be a source of frustration, but the main motivation for the candidates we are looking for.

Improve your recruitment with a transparent, scientific and bias-free process

The pillars on which Panorama is built are the same ones that generate agile and precise talent processes.

Candidate data and experience are critical to making the right talent decisions for the company and ensuring we have delivered the best possible experience on that journey.

Attract, screen and hire using fewer resources and intervening only at the points in the process that matter most.

Panorama's Talent Acquisition Workflow

Employee Value Proposition

Positioning map

Panorama's Talent Acquisition Workflow
Panorama's Talent Acquisition Workflow

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