Talent Management

Panorama generates stimulating experiences that help us gather data.

And with the right data we can make the best decisions.

Know your workforce, make data-driven decisions and help them reach their full potential

We live amid change.

And how technology will define the future of the workforce is up to us.

Without a deliberate effort to implement data-driven talent management policies to promote more agile, personalised, inclusive and equitable work, technology will not drive the transformation we expect.

We created Panorama to help HR departments make better decisions and assist employees in companies of all sizes have an employee experience that lives up to their expectations.

Manage Your talent with Panorama


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Assessing talent has always been a time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

At Panorama, agility and flexibility go hand in hand.

From the most complex assessment centre to an informal knowledge or competency assessment, projects of all sizes and complexities can be quickly launched on our platform.

Talent Development is a series of processes designed to attract high-potential candidates.

It also aims to develop, motivate and retain top talent.

By teaching high-potential employees new skills, you help them with their career growth.

At the same time, you speed up your company’s progress towards achieving its goals.

We have designed an internal mobility management environment where we put the employee at the centre—giving them the tools to express their preferences, intentions and the details needed to incorporate them into the knowledge base and make them available to HR.

Because the more we know about each employee, the more we can create a personalised employee experience while meeting all your organisation’s needs.

This a process in which a manager evaluates an employee’s work performance, identifies strengths and weaknesses, offers feedback, and sets new goals.

When done right, performance reviews can help employees understand what they’re doing well, how they can improve, how their work aligns with larger company goals, and what is expected of them.

We are in the age of continuous and liquid learning.

Every employee in a company should keep learning, either to become better at their job or to be able to take on different roles.

So we need to understand how we can help them reach their full potential and give them the tools to do so.

One of the biggest drivers of performance is employee well-being.

With Panorama, we can have continuous feedback and a clear picture of how the feeling of each team and each person is evolving.

Because sometimes, acting in time makes the difference between retaining or losing critical talent.

The Talent Management of the future is the present at Panorama

The design philosophy for data-driven decision-making has led us to develop a recommendation engine powered by everything the platform learns every day.

Like Spotify, Netflix or Amazon, Panorama extracts insights from each company’s talent to propose solutions to problems of mobility, development and training, or retention.

Moreover, the more data it collects, the smarter the platform is when making recommendations.

Decision-making becomes an easier process when HR professionals have the data and information they need at their fingertips.

Flexibility without constraints

The needs of a human resources department vary from one day to the next.

Panorama adapts to all of them based on experience and data.

Processes such as assessment or development, internal mobility or reskilling are extremely easy to configure and launch from the platform.

easy set up


measure success


It all starts with a journey

Panorama gathers data through project-oriented journeys.

Participants will be invited to advance in a process to measure their abilities and skills in each step.

Choose variables, competencies, knowledge, abilities… You want to assess from participants and set-up flexible projects.

Integration with all your systems

We are aware that every HR department has systems in place in the organisation.

That is why we have designed Panorama as a platform that can be integrated with every service in a simple way through our communication API.

Because a simple integration with your systems accelerates time to value.



be productive


Automate HR processes

To maintain competitiveness, technological automation needs to be a cornerstone of your HR operations.

Visualize Panorama’s reach beyond data management, as an automated tactical support system that can help you without your intervention.

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