Panorama Assessor Training Academy

Panorama Assessor Training Academy

Hi! Welcome to the Panorama Assessor Training Academy

The objective of this page is to share all of the essential training information that you will need to operate Panorama on the day of your Assessment Center. You will have access to:

Assessor 101 – Mini Videos

Assessor 101 – Mini Videos


Set up & logging in

Logging in & Setting password

Reference document:


Assessors Work Environment & Functionalities

Your Work Environment

Access limits, adding your calendly, getting to know the platform.

Taking Notes – O.R.C.E

How to take notes in panorama observation & evaluation sheets.

Video Conference & Activating Content

Activating video call, content and observing on multiple tabs.

Splitting tabs on Windows

Participants View

How the participant interacts with the landing page.

Custom Emails

How to send emails to participants.


Closing your assessment center

Wash up & saving data correctly

Finishing up your assessment center.

Time Travel

A guided view of all potential errors.

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